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High Quality Stainless Steel Luxury Waterproof Quartz Oem Brand Hands Wristwatches Custom Logo Wrist Watch Men

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Product Description
Luxury Stainless Steel Watch

1. Stainless steel is rust and corrosion-resistant 
Stainless steel can’t be affected by moisture, perspiration and seawater (salts and acids)
2. Stainless steel is anti-allergic 
A skin reaction due to irritation is rare. The pure stainless steel used for watches and jewelery is of the high content 316L. Only this high pure quality is used by the better brands of watches. 
This steel is harder and more rust and corrosion resistant than other steels, it can take and hold a polish incredibly well.
3. Stainless steel is very hard
The 316L steel is processed with high precision and has a very long life. The melting point of stainless steel is above +/- 1550°C.
4. Stainless steel is modern and affordable!
Stainless steel is used more and more in the jewelry sector, such as luxury watches.

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Our Factory
Company Profile
Our company, TJKD has always adhered to "quality of products in order to survive, credibility and development services" business purposes. Committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services. Have a professional, dedicated design management team, from product design, mold making, molding to the Product assembly, for each aspect and processes are rigorously testing and control.
Packing & Delivery
Q: What is your best price for this watch?
A: The price is negotiable. It depends on your order quantity.

Q: What's your MOQ?
A: For ready model, minimum order is 1 piece. For customized LOGO, please contact us to discuss more details.

Q: What's the delivery time?
A: About 1-7 working days for ready model. About 20-35 working days for customized order.

Q: What about the warranty?
A:We are confident in our quality and packing, the goods are all in good condition when clients received. But to avoid any
subsequent trouble regarding quality issue, we suggest that you check the watches once you receive them, and let us know the details if there is any damaged ones, so that we can deal with it accordingly and immediately.